Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Passive Aggressive Car Buying

<b>I was recently in the market for a new car.. A Ford Explorer to be exact. Now, we all know that car salesmen tend to be pushy, but "pushy" is not the best descriptor here. Passive aggressive perhaps? Trust me, I'm long past being upset about the tone of his E Mail (guy's gotta feed his family,right?). I just find it comical how poorly written the E Mail was.

Below is the E-Mail exactly how I received it, followed by my response. I'll let you be the judge..</b>


On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 7:47 AM, <> wrote:

Hello Pete,

This is Craig once again here at Fair Oaks Ford-Lincoln in Naperville Il.

I have received your information here at my store on a email that <b>you</b> requested info on for the 2014 Ford Explorer and I have been trying to contact you at the (redacted email) you provided and your email address (redacted) you also provided <b>very,very many times</b>.

I am very uncertain why it is you have failed to respond to my NUMEROUS attempts to assist you on this 2014 Ford Explorerrequest that you initiated <b>ON LINE</b>.

All I have really asked from you is to respond back with your thoughts and plans if you have any plans whatsoever?

Can you PLEASE be so kind to respond on why you have not replied back to me on the request YOU did on line. "Believe it or not" all I am trying to do is make this a pleasant experience and <b>SAVE YOU AS MUCH MONEY as I can</b> on your auto purchase!!!!

I really do need to hear back from you as it is my responsibility to make sure your information you requested for the 2014 Ford Explorer is handled promptly and in a timely manner which is what I believe have done.

As always, I do Thank You for your valuable time in this matter for the automobile you had requested!

My hours in the store are very flexible to meet with your schedule.

Craig Holsman
Fair Oaks Ford Lincoln
cell ph. 630 809 0002

Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 11:37 AM

Hello Craig Holsman from Fair Oaks Ford-Lincoln in Naperville Il.

This is Pete here in (redacted).

I have received the E-Mail that <b>you</b> sent about my request for information on the 2014 Ford Explorer. YOUR EMAIL, aside from being<b> RIDDLED</b> with grammatical errors, is both rude and condescending. "Believe it or not" your potential customers will respond TO YOU when they are ready. Your odd and inconsistent choice to bold, CAPITALIZE, and "quote" is<b> "SIMPLY UNNECESSARY"</b>.

Since you "really do need to hear back from me", please be informed that I have already purchased an Explorer from Al Piemonte Ford in Melrose Park. Their staff was extremely professional, patient, and not pushy in the least. Perhaps you will consider contacting Mr. Piemonte himself to request remedial sales and customer service training.

I have also taken the liberty of researching a basic writing course which may assist you in constructing future E-Mails. Please see page three of the following link. Several writing classes are offered in the College of DuPage "Adult Enrichment" program. .

As always, I do thank you for contacting me<b> "VERY,VERY MANY TIMES"</b>.

Satisfied Al Piemonte Customer
cell ph (redacted)


<b>The General Manager of the dealer then responded to me with an apology that seemed sincere (though still poorly written).</b>


Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 10:25 AM

I'm so very sorry for Craig's email and I have talked to him and hopefully in future we will do a better job and I wish you the very best with your new Explorer and if ever we can assist with any service needs please let me try and make things up to you with a free oil change.

Thanks for info again
John Krajnovich


<b>I guess I got my point across...</b>